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VME, a 9-figure engineering and fabrication company with locations around the globe, was ready to diversify and needed a new marketing strategy to position themselves in front of new audiences. That’s when 14Forty came onboard as their functional CMO. First, we focused on their messaging. Then, we wrote, designed, and built their new website – and then got to work crafting and implementing a marketing plan that would organize the brand and increase sales. Along the way, VME acquired two additional brands – Cortex Processing and Texas Pump Systems – that we rolled into the strategy with messaging, content and website development support.

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StoryBrand Services
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“This group has been great to work with! 14Forty became VME’s marketing team this year. They did an excellent job working with us to improve our strategy, our messaging, and delivered a fresh web site! Looking forward to what we do in 2022!”
Greg Jean
VME Director and Strategic Advisor