Finding A Better Way

We know that marketing is often confusing and ineffective for many business owners. When businesses lose resources, time and energy on neglectful marketing, they cannot thrive or have the peace of mind necessary to fully engage in the work they’ve set out to do.

After years of managing significant marketing budgets and working on teams for a variety of businesses – including oil production, luxury camp/retreat facilities, ESPN, international nonprofits and large newspapers – we decided there had to be a way to deliver quality marketing that’s attainable for small- to medium-size businesses and nonprofits.

In short, we are compelled by the idea that good companies deserve the chance to thrive and be known.

That is why we focus on creative, transparent marketing that delivers clear results. When businesses succeed, that means more people can uniquely contribute to communities, markets and society.

Stop Wasting Money on the Wrong Messaging

If you can’t clearly state why people should buy your product, you are losing customers. What you say – and how quickly and clearly you say it – is often the difference between a growing business and a going-out-of business. People don’t always buy the best product, they buy the product they understand the best.

Does your website pass the “grunt” test? Are you still trying to be the hero for your customers when you should actually be their Guide? Can your employees explain in 15 seconds exactly what you do, why you do it, and why people need it? Are you sending advertising dollars into the information abyss and hoping for the best?

There’s a better way.

Our team includes Tyler’s first StoryBrand Certified Guide so that we can help you develop a marketing strategy that implements a clear narrative woven throughout all your marketing collateral.

Doing things differently

We have decades of experience being a part of an agency, working with agencies and serving businesses with our marketing and consulting. We have worked for large media corporations (ESPN), large nonprofits (Sky Ranch Camps, Heifer International) and large for-profit businesses (oil and gas). And we have all arrived here because we believe there are too many good companies paying for ineffective marketing. Companies are doing great work but struggling (or not meeting their potential) because their ideas aren’t being seen by the right people. And that’s no good. So we set out to change it.

Your 14Forty Team

Patrick Lissner

Chief Executive Officer | Partner
[email protected]

Kyle Carter

Chief Operations Officer | Partner
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Amy Carter

Copywriter | Content Manager
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Kelsey Kaigler

Marketing Coordinator
[email protected]

Austin Lake

Digital Marketing Manager
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Rachael Smith

Project Manager
[email protected]

Jake Smith

Creative Director
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Wait, is that the whole team?!? No, not even close...

The Power of Partnerships

Perhaps the greatest lesson we have learned as lifelong creators and marketers is that there is no substitute for talent. Strangely enough, in our experience, some of the most creative and talented people don’t like working for large corporations. The hack (shhhh) to being able to offer exceptional, unique and creative results at affordable prices is forming the right partnerships. And we have them.

Thrive and be known

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We love helping good businesses thrive and be known! You might need messaging help, an advertising analysis, an assessment of your current website, social media advice, or any other piece or part of our combined experience, and we’d love to help. Our ultimate goal is your success.

Digital Advertising

Expertly worded, targeted digital marketing gets your message in front of the right people and maximizes your investment. We create ads that lead to actions, that lead to conversions, and we can do it on just about any platform:

Google Ads | Facebook Ads | Instagram Ads | LinkedIn Ads | Connected TV | And More

Graphic Design

Good design is food for the soul. We take pride in a design style that is simple yet beautiful and adds to the customer experience. We can design for digital, print and everything in between. We utilize local artists when possible so that your website uses unique, personalized art like what you see here.