Lead Your Industry

Win with marketing that makes sense and communication that stands out




Do you believe your work has value?

Unfortunately, people don’t always buy the best products.

They buy the ones they understand the best. If your marketing doesn’t begin with a clear message that weaves into a cohesive plan, you risk:

  • Unmet potential
  • Being misunderstood
  • Wasted time + money

Clearly tell who you are and what you do – so that you can thrive and be known.

Use the Right Words

People want to know what you do. You can be sure your marketing is more than a pretty website with our StoryBrand Certified Guide who specializes in clear messages that connect with customers.

Restore Peace of Mind

Let 14Forty handle your marketing plan. If you’re running a business, you already have too much to worry about. The cost and effectiveness of your marketing shouldn’t be one of those things.

Lead Your Industry

Now you have more freedom to focus on and develop your expertise – and a stage designed for you to tell them all about it. This is for yourself AND for your community, which will benefit when you maximize the impact of your unique skills and gifts.

Trusted by:

Extremely Pleased

We have been working with 14Forty for about a year now and have been extremely pleased at the level of work being produced by the team on behalf of Klüber Lubrication. 14Forty is an extension of our resources and has enabled us to continue and even expand a number of activities that would have been difficult to continue or pursue on our own. The level of service provided is thorough, professional and timely. They understand our brand, our industry, our customer pain points and are able to address and translate these into authentic, useful marketing materials to drive our message.

Incredible Team

We loved working with 14Forty. They led us through a messaging workshop and helped our company clarify our message, develop a brand message script, and craft some great email campaigns and lead generator. Just an incredible team of people who truly care about their clients.

The Path to Effective Marketing

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We’ll get to know you and ask a few questions to determine if we are a good fit.

Choose a plan

14Forty will design a proposal once we’ve spent time understanding your business.


We will execute your personalized plan. We want people to love your business as much as you do.

14FORTY Cares About Your Success

You deserve to be a business owner who’s recognized for your valuable product, service or mission. To do that in today’s distraction-filled culture, you have to have a smart marketing plan that begins with a clear message. Unfortunately, marketing means different things to different people and it’s hard to know what works. It’s easy to feel frustrated.

We’re frustrated too because we believe that good companies deserve to thrive and be known. We know from experience that it’s difficult to find effective marketing help at a good value, which is why we stepped away from corporate roles to focus on giving good companies the strong voice they deserve. Here’s how we do it:

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