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Andy's Frozen Custard

Andy’s Frozen Custard is a national chain, but the two locations in Tyler, TX, are owned by a local couple who use their stores to love and serve their city. And as the No. 1 dessert destination in Tyler for years, they’ve been doing just that, but wanted to supplement corporate marketing with personalized, local content and connections. They had a marketing budget but didn’t know how to effectively manage it. That’s when we joined them as their functional Chief Marketing Officer and local agency to create community-focused social media content and connect them with local schools, sports and events, while still honoring corporate branding and initiatives. Now their marketing reflects their mission.

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"Even though we are a franchise, we have always wanted our two locations in Tyler, Texas, to become a part of the local community fabric. We were looking for better ways to reflect that in our marketing. We were also looking for ways to connect with our community in a more interactive and personal manner. All the while, trying to keep up with the never-ending demands of running a small business. Our marketing attempts felt haphazard and sterile. That’s when we connected with 14Forty to manage our ads, social media, and community partnerships. They have done a great job making strong connections with our local schools, sports leagues, and events. Another big challenge was social media – 14Forty has taken the lead and helped develop a presence far beyond anything we could have ever accomplished. 14Forty has done a tremendous job striving to know and understand who we are and what our goals are to reflect that in how we present ourselves in our marketing. 14Forty has been likeminded from the beginning and they have helped us grow our vision by brainstorming and implementing fresh ideas. They honor their word and see things through. We love having an advocate we can trust."
Galen and Lezlie Taylor